This week we have a jungle tale from Steve Laker, a story of schizophrenia from Gary Murphy, a post-apocalyptic epic featuring the Devil from Kevin Rees, a tale of substance abuse on the Necropolis Line from Stephen Hernandez, who we welcome back after a spell in hospital, followed by a fantasy about butterflies from Dave Ludford.
Gregory KH Bryant continues The Giant Bat, with the beat poets diggin’ that vibe while in the darkness waits something terrible. We understand Greg is currently recovering from surgery, so he’s in our thoughts.
Sandro Fossemò returns with another poem translated and illustrated by Roberto Cantoro. In Trilby, our heroine is restored to her friends with no memory of her singing career. Meanwhile, the Connecticut Yankee and King Arthur journey around the kingdom in disguise.
Meanwhile, some good news: a film is being made of Michael Lizarraga’s story The Seashell, which featured in the Schlock! anthology Timeless Worlds back in 2012.
And just to alert the authors out there to a submissions call from Darkhouse Books, follow this link.
 Gavin Chappell.

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