THIS MONTH WE are celebrating thirteen years—lucky for some!—of Schlock.

We begin with another instalment of our Challenger prequel, before moving on to another glimpse into the world and fantasy and sf publishing. Close on its heels we have a killer among the asteroids. Down Picklock Lane, they're up in arms about octopuses. A young grave robber learns the darkest secrets of the tomb. Two cops interrogate a group of immigrants. Jem resents the happiness of the Outer Worlds. And the British Empire attempts a moon landing.

Caglar fights dangerous opponents on the edge of Ashwind Forest. Halden languishes in a jail ruled by aliens. An sf convention is visited by an unusual guest. Two men and a boy investigate something weird in the barn. Two wandering kids encounter ghosts and murder in the desert. A vampiric throwback gives birth to a new Nephilim. A policeman investigates a voodoo gang. A man undergoes bizarre surgery. And Lee Clark Zumpe reviews a new horror anthology film.

—Gavin Chappell

Also available in ebook and magazine formats. The e-edition is free from Amazon for the first five days of the month.

Now available from Rogue Planet Press—Lovecraftiana Vol 8, Issue 4, Candlemas 2024


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