This week Jean-Paul L Garnier gives us a tale of a space traveller who awakens from cryosleep in mid-journey. Gary Murphy has a story of murder and heroism. Mathias Jansson’s latest poem is about sinister creatures from Scandinavian myth. And Zahid Zaman’s got a new take on the space race.
In The Days of Mr Thomas, Jane Sphere is called upon to become the new Guinevere. The young merchant continues to Taj al-Muluk in The Thousand and One Nights. In Terror from the Edge of Space, our heroes are on the trail of the monstrous centipede.  In Joseph Patchen’s Barbecue, a woman is screaming. In The Coming Race the narrator encounters human and automaton inhabitants of the world below the Earth. And in the Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym, there is a mutiny onboard.
-Gavin Chappell.

Christmas Ghost Stories: A Schlock! Anthology.
Since the days of Dickens, if not earlier, Christmas has been a time for joy, for gift-giving—but most of all, for ghosts and supernatural terrors.
Stories in the grand old tradition of such masters as Dickens himself and the peerless MR James will be accepted for this anthology, as long as they’re sufficiently terrifying, while equally chilling supernatural stories of contemporary times are also appropriate.
Make them scary, make them terrifying, make them spine-chilling… Christmas is a time for terror!

All submissions to editor@schlock.co.uk


The latest edition of our print magazine ‘Schlock Bi-Monthly’ (2014 ‪#‎Halloween special) is out now:
Also now available: Rogue Planet Press anthology, Barbarians of the Red Planet! In paperback and ebook from www.lulu.com

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