Merry Christmas!
This week we have a selection of ghost stories, new and old, to chill your blood. First is Qui Venit, Manet by Kevin Rees, which gives a new slant on an old MR James tale. Then in Ghost Seasoning, Gary Murphy’s characters spend a night in a haunted house—with a difference. We head to Norway for Sergio Palumbo's The Constant Soul, about a Scandinavian bar that may not serve spirits but certainly is not unfriendly to them. Next, to America, to learn what makes the rose-bush blow so when there isn’t any wind. And somewhere up the Danube, two friends are canoeing through ominous masses of The Willows in Algernon Blackwood's classic.
In the latest episode of The Vixen's Den, Matt is updated on DC Garrett's murder enquiry. Terror from the Edge of Space reaches its climax in its final episode. Next we have news of a novella by John FD Taff that promises to be ‘ground-breaking.’ In The Coming Race we learn of the spiritual beliefs of the underground race. And in the Narrative of A. Gordon Pym, Parker has a horrible idea for survival.
-Gavin Chappell.
The most recent edition of our print magazine ‘Schlock Bi-Monthly‘ (Schlockproof: The Year’s Best Schlock! 2014) is out now:


Also now available: Rogue Planet Press anthology, Barbarians of the Red Planet! In paperback and ebook from www.lulu.com

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