This week we have a shuddersome Cthulhuvian tale of The Terror of the Night by Joseph Rubas, followed by a post-apocalyptic story from Gary Murphy. Rick McQuiston features the famous Iron Maiden of Nuremberg in his current offering (excellent!) while Stephen Hernandez tells us how a noirish LA PI deals with a RoachHead.
In The Days of Mr Thomas, Sestina learns to run. Things are getting distinctly farcical in The Thousand and One Nights—this is the Richard Burton translation, you’ll remember, which was only available in the Victorian England of its day if smuggled in from France. There's more Terror (Schlock's like that), this breed coming from the Edge of Space in the beginning of Gregory KH Bryant's new B-Movie, while there’s some monkeying around in Jean-Paul L Garnier’s Homo Paniscus. Meanwhile, At the Earth's Core, Dr. Abner Perry's boring machine proves more exciting than previously anticipated, while Gulliver of Mars has yet to escape that particular alien planet.

The latest issue of our print magazine ‘Schlock Bi-Monthly’ is now available from www.lulu.com
Photo: The latest issue of print magazine 'Schlock Bi-Monthly' will be available from August 23rd via Lulu.com.
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-Gavin Chappell
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