This week we have a tale from Rick McQuiston guaranteed to give arachnophobes nightmares--and maybe not just them! Steve Laker contributes A Steampunk Romance, along with his ongoing serial The Paradoxicon. Monsters and monster busters are abroad in Gary Murphy’s Network Whitehaven; Zahid Zaman has a story of Telepaths, and Ian Fletcher offers a prediction of extended life in an oppressive future. We reach the end of HP Lovecraft and Zealia Bishop’s exploration of The Mound. This week sees the beginning of a forgotten classic, Trilby by George du Maurier (grandfather of the more famous Daphne). A tale of Bohemian Paris in the nineteenth century, it is most notable for its villain, the charismatic mesmerist Svengali. Meanwhile the Connecticut Yankee sets forth with a party of pilgrims.
-Gavin Chappell.

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