This week we have a story about treasure hunters and ghosts in the Old West from Joseph J Patchen, and an account of Scottish monsters and mayhem from Gary Murphy. Keeping with the Caledonian theme we follow with a classic Robert E Howard story of Bran Mak Morn, who seeks revenge on his Roman foes by recourse to dark forces. And then another classic, a story of an artist whose work shocks the otherwise unshockable, a remarkable prescient description of the career of Stephen Cooney from the master of horror, HP Lovecraft his eldritch self.
The Days of Mr Thomas continues. In The Thousand and One Nights, everything’s going well for people in Damascus and Baghdad—would that it were so in the modern world. In Rob Bliss’ Cut, Betty thinks she’s going crazy. In Joseph Rubas’ It! The Thing, a hitman’s client wants him to take out his old buddy from ’Nam. In The Smoky God, the explorers of the inner earth return to the world above, for better or for worse in the penultimate installment of this classic adventure. And Gulliver of Mars is unsure if he is among the living or the dead.

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-Gavin Chappell

Rogue Planet Press Submissions Call: The Black Hand Supremacy
World War One has ended. The world lies in ruins. One corporation is poised for world domination and one man is hell-bent on keeping that from happening. Using his skills in Magic, Alastor (aka Talbot Carruthers) sets out to take revenge on the corporation that rules Zenith city (formerly Sarajevo) after Synthetic Men murder his wife.
All stories should contain the characters of Alastor/Talbot Carruthers, Ronald Pryor (CEO of Illusion Inc.) And his right hand man, Gavril Princip. Stories should be about their epic battle, good vs evil. 2,000 words-7,000 words.
Contact Mark Slade for in-depth guidelines before submitting stories.
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