This week we have a fantasy tale of ghosts, witches and heretics from Dave Ludford, while the undead are on the rampage in Gary Murphy’s new story. Steve Laker is going underground in the world after The Event. In Civil War America, General William Scott of the 3rd Louisiana Regiment learns there are worse things than Johnny Reb in Neil Privett’s story. And in a future of economic recession and poverty related by Sergio Palumbo (with editorial assistance from the indefatigable Michele Dutcher), a homeless man encounters an alien.
We have another classic ghost story from MR James, followed by one of Robert E Howard’s ventures into the Weird West. 20,000 Leagues under the Sea Aronnax goes for a walk on the ocean’s bottom, while the Yankee at King Arthur’s Court fights a final battle in the penultimate installment of this classic novel.
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Swords against Cthulhu II: Hyperborean Nights
In the eldritch writings of Ec’h-Pi-El we learn that the land of Lomar, first chronicled by that aeons-dead author, lay contiguous in time and space to Ancient Hyperborea, sinister kingdom of the North described in the story-cycles of the prophet Klarkash-Ton. Twin lands beyond the Arctic Circle, home to a cyclopean civilisation long ground to dust by the advancing glaciers, they flourished in blasphemously, inconceivably ancient days when Atlantis and Lemuria and Hyboria were but a dream…
Within the jungles of immemorial Commoriom the cult of Tsathoggua rear temples to that bat-like furry toad god from another planet. Tsathoggua was first worshipped by the subterranean Voormis that lurk beneath the peak of Mount Voormithadreth in the Eiglophian Mountains, whence nobles from the city of Uzuldaroum hunt the last remaining dinosaurs. The Voormis themselves displaced the cannibalistic Gnophkehs, who lived in the land of Polarion until the people of Zobna moved south in retreat from the ice sheets to settle in the land of Lomar. Here the descendants of the Zobnarians dwell around many-templed Olathoë until the coming of the squat, yellowish Inutos. And amidst all this conflict, over all the lands of Lomar and Hyperborea hangs the apocalyptic threat prophesied by the White Sybil of Polarion: the inevitable descent of the polar ice that, in these latter ages, conceals the ruins of both civilisations from the eyes of all but the most deranged occultists.
Against this background of savage tribes and more savage gods dwell sorcerers, warriors, rogues and thieves, whose adventures will be chronicled by the spiritual heirs of Ec’h-Pi-El and Klarkash-Ton in Rogue Planet Press’ new anthology, Swords against Cthulhu II: Hyperborean Nights. Thrilling tales of sword and sorcery (up to 6,000 wds) set in Lovecraft’s Lomar and Clark Ashton Smith’s Hyperborea will be welcome in this sequel to the popular Swords against Cthulhu. Send all submissions to editor@schlock.co.uk
Clark Ashton Smith’s stories are available to read at: http://www.eldritchdark.com/
HP Lovecraft can be read online at: http://www.hplovecraft.com/writings/fiction/

—Gavin Chappell.

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