This week we have a bumper edition to celebrate our third anniversary, containing zombie poetry from Mathias Jansson; Gary Murphy exploring a new Victorian dimension of horror down Scare Street; over Cith Bridge we have another prose poem from Donald R Broyles, resembling the very words of the Prophet Klarkash-Ton; and meanwhile, Zahid Zaman’s In Hell.
The Days of Mr Thomas continues with a cop’s-eye-view of the Trafalgar Square riots. In The Thousand Nights and a Night, Nuzhat-al-Zaman (no relation) is sold to the highest in the land; In Cut, Daryll remembers her best friend. The epic Caves of Mars ended last week, although rumour has it that a sword and planet sequel is in the offing, plus a short story for Barbarians of the Red Planet; meanwhile, Gregory KH Bryant offers another B-Movie pastiche: The Nightmare of Horror Lagoon.
The Iron Heel provides chilling parallels with real history; war with the Kaiser and a General Strike. In Crocodile and Leopard, Candace’s pigmy legion tries to storm the fortress crag. Kevin Rees returns with an Edwardian tale of Scandinavian horrors: The Bog Man. And Mark Slade rounds things off with The Invasion.
Here’s to another year of Schlock!
– Gavin Chappell

Still taking submissions for BARBARIANS OF THE RED PLANET, a collection of sword and planet / planetary romances. On a dying world where the ruins of ancient civilisations moulder, where Earthmen seek out sinister mysteries guarded jealously by nomad tribes, where both sword and blaster are wielded by inhabitants of stone-walled cities on the banks of canals as old as time…
The sword and planet genre is typically set on Mars, Venus, or other planets of the solar system and beyond, worlds of steel and honour, of desert sand and dead sea bottoms, of dying worlds home to ancient, mysterious civilisations, these swashbuckling tales include elements of the space opera and sword and sorcery genres. The anthology BARBARIANS OF THE RED PLANET calls for short stories, flash fiction or poetry, heroic in theme, exotic in atmosphere, in the vein of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Barsoom stories or Leigh Brackett’s Eric Jon Stark series. Up to 7, 000 words, payment exposure and royalties. Deadline: May 10th 2014.
Send all submissions to editor@schlock.co.uk
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