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This month’s cover image is Terminator_in_Madame_Tussaud_London_(33465711484) by Daniel JuĊ™ena from Prague, Czech Republic, licensed under Graphic design © by Gavin Chappell, logo design © by C Priest Brumley.


Forbidden Sciences: Part One by Kieran Judge

Publishing News by Mickey Mikkelson

Alchemical Wedding by EW Farnsworth

Terminator Genesis by Chris McAuley

Seashells by Maggie McCall
Below by Philip Latham

From the Window on the Eight Floor by Andrew Bell

Key Workers by Rick Danforth

The Wolf is Coming by Shreyas Adhikari

Bracket Buster by James Rumpel

I Dream of Genie by Carlton Herzog

Screw Deals by Norbert Gora

The Broken Detective: Barfight by Ste Whitehouse

Initiation by Amalia Janvier

Writers Be Damned by James Rogers

Karma by Christopher T Dabrowski

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