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This month’s cover image is Strike Suit Zero by Born Ready Games, licensed under Graphic design © by Gavin Chappell, logo design © by C Priest Brumley.


Dark Legacies: Heart of Steel #1 by Chris McAuley and Claudia Christian
It was then that everything changed... SCIENCE FICTION

Publishing News SUNSET DISTORTION: The Pyramid at The End of The World--The Mind-bending New Novel by Paul Bahou!
 from Micky Mikkelson

The Whispering Campaign by EW Farnsworth—Something must be done... ALIEN INVASION

Illegal Alien by DJ TyrerStiff upper lip... SCI-FI COMEDY

The Scouring of Silver Coast Part Two by Jesse ZimmermanWelcome home... SWORD AND SORCERY

The Dragons' Playbook by Carlton HerzogNot your typical knight COMIC FANTASY

Kassi and the Deserted Island by Ste Whitehouse
Gulls wheeled overhead... SWORD AND SORCERY

The Bargis by Shreya Adhikari
As dark as obsidian SWORD AND SORCERY

Chords by Lamont Turner—What do you make of it, Doc? HORROR

The Luck of It by Joseph FarleyFewer than two hundred remained...

Rare by Toban BarnesThe butcher glared at me... HORROR

The Devil's Downfall by Andrew BellMy spirit shall not always strive with man... HORROR

Cremate Your Dead by Carl BluesyHis body refused to move... HORROR

Empire of the Moon and Stars by Simon Bleaken
A palpable terror hung in the air

The Testimony of Jester Thoth by Scott J CouturierNever take the cosmic joke too personally... FANTASY

Occupation by Michael W Clark Ph.D—It's not exploitation if you need it... HORROR

What Marnie Took With Her by William Couper—
I keep the doll..HORROR

Diabolus et Prophetiis by David Philips
Satanic Prophecies... HORROR

Caitlyn's Kitty by Stephen Faulkner
Hair trigger wrath... HORROR

The Believers by Christopher T DabrowskiAnd so they worship... SCIENCE FICTION

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