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A New Direction In Crime By International Bestselling Author and Arthur Ellis Award Winner Chris (CC) Humphreys
Published by Two Hats Creative Inc, the book will be available in May worldwide, in digital and print on Amazon!
July 30th 2018. It’s the hottest Summer in fifty years and Joseph Severin, a respectable North London businessman, has taken on a lucrative side job. He’s doing the books, old school, (because these days the only trail you can’t trace is a paper one) for a rogue MI5 outfit, the Shadows, headed by clever, psychopathic Sebastien. When the game is rumbled, he sends their hitman, Mr Phipps, to kill Severin and get those books back.
For a simple man, Severin has a complicated life. He’s developed a sudden and wild passion for Lottie—aka ‘chaos on two legs’. Who is in love with Patrick, the next hot young black actor. Who is obsessed by Sonya, a gorgeous Russian escort. Who has one night to make the final money she needs for her daughter’s cancer operation. With MI6 onto them, and the books missing, the Shadows panic. And a day that begins with a hit in Finchley ends in violence and betrayal on the steamy night streets of Portobello.
ONE LONDON DAY is a daisy chain tale of characters and connections, a contemporary London Noir. Like that genre’s forties origins, this story has its hood, its moll, its femme fatale, its fancy boy. Everyone is both protagonist and antagonist. No one gets out unharmed—and some don’t get out at all.
More From Chris (C.C.) Humphreys:
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The Hunt of the Shapeshifters
“Chris Humphreys imbues this tale with the art of weaving, not only as the core of this book, but also in the manner in which he so deftly positions reality with fantasy—a true and splendid tapestry of a story that primes for the next installments in this Tapestry Trilogy. Very highly recommended!”,—Grady Harp, Top 100 Reviewer for Amazon and Top Shelf Magazine
The entire series is currently available on Kindle through Amazon:
The Hunt Of The Unicorn: ASIN : B08DL9RHW1
The Hunt Of The Dragon: ASIN : B08LHDDK4W
The Hunt Of The Shapeshifters: ASIN: B08LH5WN62
Want to listen to ‘The Hunt of the Unicorn’? Here it is, read by the Author (a professional audiobook narrator):
https://shop.authors c c humphreys/products/the hunt of the unicorn in a land where all our myths live
About Chris:
Chris (C.C.) Humphreys has played Hamlet in Calgary, a gladiator in Tunisia, and a dead immortal in Highlander, he’s waltzed in London’s West End, conned the landlord of the Rovers Return in Coronation Street, commanded a starfleet in Andromeda, and voiced Salem the cat in the original Sabrina. He has published twenty novels including The French Executioner, The Jack Absolute Trilogy, Vlad—The Last Confession, A Place Called Armageddon, and Shakespeare’s Rebel. His novel Plague won the Arthur Ellis Award for Best Crime Novel in Canada in 2015. He is now also writing epic fantasy with the Immortals’ Blood Trilogy, for Gollancz, the first book, Smoke in the Glass, was published in 2019 and Book Two: The Coming of the Dark in 2020. The epic conclusion, The Wars of Gods and Men, will be published in 2021.
He has an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of British Columbia. He wears a unicorn signet ring and always wondered why. The Hunt of the Unicorn begins to answer that question. 
More information about Chris can be found on his website at: CHRIS HUMPHREYS—Chris Humphreys ( or on his Wikipedia page at: Chris Humphreys—Wikipedia 

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