Welcome to Schlock! the webzine for science fiction, fantasy and horror.

Schlock! is an exciting monthly webzine dedicated to short stories, flash fiction, serialised novels and novellas within the genres of science fiction, fantasy and horror. We publish new and old works of pulp sword and sorcery, urban fantasy, dark fantasy and gothic horror. If you want to read quality works of schlock fantasy, science fiction or horror, Schlock! is the webzine for you!

For details of previous editions, please go to the Archive.

Schlock! Webzine is always willing to consider new science fiction, fantasy and horror short stories, serials, graphic novels and comic strips, reviews and art. Please submit fiction, articles, art or links to your own site to editor@schlock.co.uk.

We review published and self-published novels in the sword and sorcery genre, and we will accept similar reviews from other writers.

Any other enquiries also to editor@schlock.co.uk.

The stories, articles and illustrations contained on this website are copyright © to the respective authors and illustrators, unless in the public domain. Please note that although the works of Robert E. Howard and H. P. Lovecraft are in the public domain in the UK (where Schlock! Webzine is based) and other EU countries, their copyright status is subject to controversy in the USA. You may be committing an offense by downloading their works in that country.

Schlock! Webzine and its editor accept no liability for views expressed or statements made by contributors to the magazine.

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