Serious as a Heart Attack!

Douglas Draa (editor of Weirdbook and Startling Stories) will be editing this anthology. He's looking for CLOWN themed Noir/Crime/Horror/Weird Menace up to 10K words in length. He says:

'I'm looking for Pulpy/Dark/Gritty clown tales. Think Evan Hunter, Joe Lansdale, Jim Thompson, Walter Mosley, Donald Goines, James Ellroy, Robert Bloch, and many others. You get the idea.
'The stories can be about Clowns causing trouble, Clowns misbehaving, Clowns in Danger, and so on.
'No Explicit Sex or Sexual violence.
'One thing that I'm asking for is that the clowns in the stories need to be actual clowns, and not, for example, just some criminals pretending to be clowns for a a few moments. The stories need at least one main figure who works as some sort of clown.
There are of course always exceptions to this. For example, your story might be taking palce during Mardi Gras or Carnival. Another example maybe someone has to go undercover as a clown and need to live the clown life.
'These can be any sort of clown though. Circus, Children's parties, TV Hosts, Rodeo, etc.
'I will gladly look at horror, BUT I DON’T WANT ANY SERIAL KILLER STORIES!
'Also, I'm a meat and potatoes kind of guy so I like stories with a beginning, middle, and end. I'll look at anything though. This is just what I prefer this time around.
'Be as gritty and as dark as you want. I do expect the stories to be entertaining though.
Endings need not be happy ones, but I don't care all that much for despair. We have more than enough of that in the world.
'Now let's talk money. Schlock! Publications is a small indie press.
'The business model is Profit Sharing/Royalties. To be clear, this means that payment size depends upon sales.
'To quote from the contract……
'"For the rights granted to the publisher above the author will receive exposure and royalties once the following sales of the said title have been reached:
Paperback editions: 65 copies
Digital editions: 65 copies
60% of profits to be shared equally amongst contributors
'Being that Schlock! is a tiny indie publisher, we'll all have to pitch in and help with marketing the collection.
'I'm donating my share to the contributor and I'll also be using my Weirdbook resources to assist in marketing.
'The collection will be published and sold through Amazon.
'I can't guarantee you a huge payment, that depends on how well we market this, but I can guarantee you some readership.
'The deadline is the end of April 2021.
'Everyone is welcome to submit!!!

'Max. 10K words.
'Deadline 30th April 2021
'Formating: Shunn Format
'Send your submission to
'The subject needs to be…

'Clowns/Story Title/ Last name

'Take care and get writing!
'Doug Draa.'

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