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This week’s cover illustration is Maskiner_på_Brede_Værk_10 by Charlotte S H Jensen. All images within licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons unless otherwise indicated. Graphic design © by Gavin Chappell, logo design © by C Priest Brumley


Cogs by Steve Laker—Cogs is an automaton: a mechanical animal; a robot...SCIENCE FICTION

Creeper Jericho by Gary Murphy—You’ve insulted The Creeper... HORROR

Last House Standing by Gavin Chappell— Eric had seen illegal meat before, of course...HORROR 

The Apothecary's Tale Part One by Joseph Farley—Seeking the holy martyr...FANTASY

A Motherless Dog by Mark Slade—He looked like a human, those horrible creatures that all of hell keeps whispering about...HORROR

Eve's Eyes by mj cleghorn—There was no talk of Old Town, as if it never existed...HORROR  

The Cure by Richard D Price—This was her fourth escape attempt but the most successful one so far... HORROR

The Jewel of the Seven Stars Chapter Seven by Bram Stoker—The Traveller’s Loss... GOTHIC HORROR CLASSIC

A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court Chapter Eight by Mark Twain—The Boss... TIME TRAVEL CLASSIC

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