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This week’s cover illustration is Illustrations from Willis George Emerson’s The Smoky God by John A Williams. Graphic design © by Gavin Chappell, logo design © by C Priest Brumley.
Nirvana Can Wait by Ian Fletcher—She sensed the Navigator’s loneliness… SCIENCE FICTION

Cartoon Reality by Gary Murphy— Suddenly he noticed the nail of his thumb had dislodged and was bleeding profusely… HORROR

The Good Wolf by Stephen Hernandez—But the wolf’s an animal… HORROR

Super Strength Saxon by Seamus Esparza— He operated in the dark of night, out of garages surrounded by well-trimmed lawns. He corrupted the young, teaching them the secrets to super strength throughout the communities of the central coast… HORROR

The Days of Mr Thomas by James Rhodes— May 22nd 2074… DYSTOPIA

The Book of A Thousand Nights and A Night translated by Richard Burton – Tomorrow they will hang him... LEGEND AND FOLKLORE

Cut Part Sixty-Four by Rob Bliss— Sam’s trademark: a more hidden clue beneath an obvious clue… SERIAL KILLER THRILLER

The Machine Stops Part Two by EM Forster—The Mending Apparatus… SCIENCE FICTION

Schlock! Classic Serial: The Smoky God Part Three by Willis George Emerson—Beyond the North Wind… SCIENCE FICTION CLASSIC

Schlock! Classic Serial: Gulliver of Mars Chapter Twelve by Edwin L Arnold—The Man out of the Ice… PLANETARY ROMANCE

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