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Editor – Gavin Chappell

Educated to postgraduate level, Gavin Chappell  has been involved in writing and editing for the last decade. He has written and edited short stories, translations, poetry, novels and non-fiction.

Also a qualified teacher of further education, Gavin has taught English and Creative Writing for the past eight years. Gavin has been published by various publishers including Penguin, and is a member of the Society of Authors.

Graphic Designer - C Priest Brumley

C Priest Brumley is a bipedal humanoid with a High School Diploma and an iron (Okay, tin... Screw it, soft butter) will. He has no formal training and/or education in writing OR graphic design, yet he does both to an obsessive degree and has done so for years.

He currently lives in New Orleans, LA with an awesome woman that he is privileged to call his wife, and two cats he is ashamed to call his children. Oh, and he designs covers. Occasionally he'll pen a jaunty tale as well, but only if you ask nicely. 

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