Since the first issue was released on 10 April 2011, Schlock! Webzine has consistently featured some of the best science fiction, fantasy and horror stories on the internet. Editor Gavin Chappell has since accrued a motley collection of writers and artists, all determined to make Schlock! Webzine a force to be reckoned with.

And now, we present you with the best stories hailing from the first volume of Schlock! Webzine. Inside you will find monsters and killers, saviours and saints. You will see visions of the future and depictions of the past, alternate realities and alternate personae. The birth of a genre... and the future of several more.


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-Chuck Borgia

-James Rhodes

-Todd Nelsen

-Michael Lizarraga

-Obsidian Mercutio Tesla

-Michele Dutcher

-Sergio Palumbo

-John L. Campbell

-Rob Bliss

-Gavin Chappell

-C Priest Brumley

On 3 June 2012, Schlock! Webzine announced the TIMELESS WORLDS competition, open to all readers of the zine. This anthology is the result; the winning entries of the contest are published alongside the best stories of the previous few months.

Inside you will find tales of other worlds, some beyond the stars, others a shadow's breadth away from our own: a horror writer whose ambition leads him to the ultimate horror; a story of love and replicants; intergalactic boxing champs; abuse and revenge; demonic justice; homelessness and hidden roads; dying planets; high class horror; worlds of hope and despair; a noirish quest for justice in an alternative cyberspace.


Welcome to Timeless Worlds!

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THE PULPATEERS is the third anthology produced by internationally notorious Schlock! Webzine. This time contributors were required to pen old-style pulp stories based on the formula developed by Lester Dent, schlock-supremo of the 20s and 30s, creator of Doc Savage and other precursors to enduring pulp heroes such as Superman.

The results? A shocking tale of what lurks beneath a violent contemporary US city by MARTIN SLAG; exotic, swashbuckling Islamic adventure and cosmic horror from DAMIR SALKOVIC; two-fisted detective intrigue and thuggery beneath the sea from Schlock! loyalist JAMES RHODES; animal wizardry from a world beyond books in JOSEPH BANETH ALLEN’s tribute to the late Andre Norton; girls being girls with unfortunate extra-terrestrial consequences from SERGIO PALUMBO (plus indefatigable editorial assistance from MICHELE DUTCHER); Hilltop Manor’s history of terror from Horrified Press editor NATHAN J.D.L. ROWARK; voodoo and hoodoo from punk rock guru and Artifix Records owner GREG McWHORTER; the terrors to be found within an infinity mirror from journalist and martial artist MICHAEL LIZARRAGA; split seconds of tragically futile time travel from FLORENCE ANN MARLOW, a self-confessed next door neighbour to the Jersey Devil; and a greaser’s deal with the Devil from the mighty TODD NELSEN.

Cover illustration by Stephen Cooney and interiors by Joseph Brady, lead vocalist and bass player of old school punk rock band Scanner.

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"Hamish awoke with a start. Darkness and dead white faces, loud noise and cloying, exotic scents assailed him from all sides: a scene rivalling Dante’s Inferno. For a moment, he didn’t know where he was...."

Going Underground tells the story of three teenage runaways, Hamish, Eloise and Nick, whose adventures expose them to the seamier side of supernatural Britain.

Encounters with black magicians, vampire cultists and Neo-Nazi mystics culminate in a quest for the Celtic Grail, located in the depths of the planet itself, with which their enemy Tybalt Kohl hopes to resurrect the Third Reich...

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In the gloomy summer of 1816, a motley collection of poets, exiles, and adulterers gathered at the Villa Diodati on the shores of Lake Geneva...


Fantasmagoriana: a collection of Gothic tales by Mary Shelley, Lord Byron, Percy Bysshe Shelley, and John William Polidori, all originating in a night of ghost storytelling.


Contains the complete FRANKENSTEIN and Polidori’s influential THE VAMPYRE, plus Gothic works by Byron, Shelley, and Mathew ‘Monk’ Lewis.

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paperback and ebook.


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