THE HOUSE OF ETERNAL NIGHT by John Patrick Robbins

“Dude, that girl is a total freak! She is going to totally, like, cut your dick off or something,” Rory said as Logan tried to fight the urge to bust out laughing at just how freaked out his best friend was by Cheryl.

“Man, you really need to lay off the weed, brother. Besides, stop listening to all the bullshit gossip at school. Yeah, she’s not local, that doesn’t mean she is some sort of devil worshipper.”

“Okay then, what about the rumours she wanted to cut Stuart, so she could drink his blood down in the cemetery?”

“Jesus Christ, Rory! Shut the fuck up. Stuart also claims to have slept with half the girls at school, yet is overweight and probably hasn’t seen his dick since he was in junior school.”

“Hey dude, I know he fucked his cousin and she’s kind of hot in a weird sort of way.”

“Yeah, and she is also related to him, you weirdo!”

Logan coughed as he passed the joint to Rory as the two best friends waited outside Logan’s parents’ house for Cheryl to arrive.

“Dude, it’s so weird she’s picking you up. What are you, the chick or the man?”

“Screw you, man! You know my car’s shite to begin with, you bastard! Besides, it beats sitting around here getting high with your paranoid ass.”

It was just then Cheryl pulled up in the driveway, music blasting and with a vehicle full of people.

Rory just looked to his old friend and slapped him on the shoulder.

“Well, have a blast at your cult meeting and tell Satan hello for me.”

With that said, Rory was off and Logan headed towards his ride. Logan always had a hard time meeting new people, let alone being stoned and trying to pretend he was perfectly normal.

The ride was as you could expect meeting any group of total strangers was, as they headed to a family home in the highlands of Scotland on the infamous Loch Ness.

Cheryl’s brother and two cousins talked amongst themselves as Logan kept admiring the view of Cheryl’s legs in the tight little skirt she had on. She occasionally met his eyes and smirked.

There was just something different about Cheryl besides her being from the States and her goth appearance. She was sexy in a dark yet alluring way, and why the fuck she was drawn to Logan was beyond him.

He was nothing special, just a run of the mill guy; he wasn’t a jock nor some genius nerd.

He just thought, why question what worked, so he kept his mouth shut and tried to enjoy the ride for what it was.

The old manor was huge; they finally viewed the estate as they made their way down the driveway.

“Holy shit, it’s enormous!”

Everyone inside the car cracked up.

“Don’t get out much, do you, bud?” Cheryl’s brother Phillip said as he kicked the back of his seat.

“I honestly have never seen a place like it in my life.”

“There is no other house like Boleskine House, baby, welcome home!” Cheryl put her hand on Logan’s thigh as her two cousins and brother jumped out the SUV and were headed towards the house.

“Baby, why are you so nervous? Is it because I brought family?”

“I’m just not the most social person and this place is so, well, different, is all.”

Cheryl kissed him and looked into his eyes. 

“Look baby, no matter its size, it’s still just a home, and the important thing is we are here together. I know it’s a lot to adjust to but my family wouldn’t let us stay here just you and me, but I promise it’s a huge house and we will have plenty of alone time, okay.”

“Alright, sugar, hopefully I won’t be too fucking awkward around your family.”

“You will be fine, besides all my brother and cousins care about is raiding the liquor cabinet.”

“That doesn’t sound like half a bad idea to me, sugar.”

Cheryl laughed and kissed him again.

“Well, don’t get too wasted. I have much better plans for us later tonight, handsome.”

With that said, they got out of the SUV and made their way into the old manor.

Boleskine House was definitely a different kind of place, darkly lit; even though it was a bright sunny day outside it seemed to have no effect on the darkness in each and every room. The place just had a presence and that didn’t help him feel welcome.

Vanessa was a chatterbox to everyone aside from Logan, and mainly stayed glued to the hip of Hector, her brother.

As in the main living room, Phillip kept pouring the drinks as he kept a bottle on the table next to his chair.

“You know this place is cursed, right, Logan?” Philip asked as he poured yet another scotch.

“How so?”

Philip smiled, handed Logan a glass, then went and stood near the fireplace.

“Well, you see, Logan... long ago, Aleister Crowley himself once lived here. You see, he came here to perform a black magic ceremony, one so powerful only the bravest of magicians would attempt it. He began the ceremony but never finished it, therefore leaving the gateway open between the worlds, and cursing this place forever.”

Logan never bought into ghost stories, let alone stories of crazy madmen summoning demons. In all truth he didn’t believe in anything he couldn’t see or feel. And he knew Phil was just being Cheryl’s older protective brother, trying to fill his head with nonsense ghost stories.

“Well, it just seems like a nice old home to me, honestly,” Logan finally blurted out.

Philip just shook his head.

“Yes, just a run of the mill, overpriced, draughty hellhole, pal.” Philip replied as he kicked back the glass.

The evening was silent and awkward as Philip simply got sloshed and the other two cousins of Cheryl vanished off somewhere in the house after dinner. And although Logan was no lightweight, the drinks, although few as they were, had taken a bit of a toll.

“I told you to take it easy on the booze, goober.”

“I thought I did, but that stuff your brother poured me was some potent shit!”

“Well, go lay down for a bit and whenever you feel better, meet me in the study. It’s going to be locked, but here’s the key. I got something special planned when you’re up to it.” Cheryl placed the old skeleton key in his hand.

“Honey, why don’t we just go to my room? I mean, your brother is out for the count by the way he staggered off.”


Cheryl put her finger to Logan’s lips.

“Look, I want our first time to be special, so just take a nap and come meet me there when you are ready. I promise it’s going to be something you will never forget.”

Logan didn’t argue. Why jinx shit now? he thought to himself.

As he made his way to his room in the old manor there was an unusual silence that even Logan could not deny creeped him out.

Why the hell were there absolutely no noises of a television, or anything?

The house was large, but he couldn’t even hear a muffled conversation. And as he rounded the corner to his room, he almost yelled out. Before him stood a very old man.

“Hey, sorry, sir. I didn’t know anyone else was here.”

The old man must work here, he thought, although he didn’t think Cheryl’s family had servants. Of course, he knew so little about her.

The old man simply said nothing as he just stared, looking Logan up and down.

“Yes, well, I must be off, young man. Goodnight!” the old man said abruptly as he pushed past Logan in a hurry.

Fuck, these people are all nuts, Logan thought to himself as he just continued on to his room. And although he felt like he was being a child as he locked his door and climbed into bed, he reached for his phone just to text Rory. But to Logan’s surprise, the phone was dead. The damn thing had been full charge last time he checked. Oh, well, screw it, he thought. He was tired, anyways.

And as he laid back on the bed, he was surprised just how easily he felt himself slip off to sleep. 

It was two in the morning by the time Logan awoke.

“Fuck!” Logan blurted out to himself as he jumped out of bed. There was no way Cheryl was still awake, he thought to himself as he stumbled along the corridors, still half asleep, bumping into walls as if he was still drunk.

That fucking brother of hers had to have put something in his drink.

Finally, he reached the study, placed the old key into the lock, and opened the old door. The scene that awaited him, he could not have expected.

The room was lit by candlelight only. In the centre of the floor was some strange pattern, although fuck if he knew what it meant. He just knew, whatever it was, he didn’t want anything to do with it.

He was getting ready to turn tail and get the hell out of there when he heard Cheryl.

“Hi, baby,” she said as she stepped into the centre of the room.

“What the hell is all of this shit?”

Cheryl wrapped her arms around him.

“Baby, I know it’s different, but I wanted this to be special for both of us... and it will be now.”

Cheryl embraced him and soon he felt the searing pain as she bit into his lip. Logan pushed her back as she laughed insanely.

Logan checked his lip, which was bleeding.

“Fucking crazy bitch! Stay the hell away from me!”

Logan turned around to leave, but was met only by the sight of Philip standing before him. As he felt the searing pain, he looked down to see the dagger plunged into his gut. He grabbed onto his attacker, but as he did, another blade sliced into his side as Vanessa and her brother joined the party; all laughing in glee.

Logan lost count of how many times he was stabbed. The blow that finally dropped him came from behind as Cheryl sliced his throat, causing Logan to fall onto the floor in a bloody mess.

Logan felt his heart beat slower as he viewed them staring at him like some sort of strange game trophy.

Taking great pride in their kill.

His heart beat heavy one last time... then it beat no more.

Logan viewed them as they all left from the window. He could not fathom why he was here now, or what truly had just happened. He watched as they all seemed so happy as they loaded into that SUV.

Cheryl looked back at the window where he stood, blowing him a kiss as he pounded at the window in the home that now was to remain his tomb for eternity. The old man he had seen that night before stood beside him, silent in understanding.

That even the darkest blood shared between family bonds them all the same.

Outside, the sun shone down on Boleskine House in vain. 

For even the brightest light from above will never pierce the darkness that exists in the house of eternal night.

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